Just how to Write ‘Advantages & Disadvantages’ Question in IELTS Writing Task 2?

The step that is first scoring well in task 2 of writing would be to properly determine the kind of essay being expected of write. In “advantages and drawbacks” sort of essay , IELTS examiners want one to talk about both benefits and drawbacks individually and also at the conclusion, you’ll want to compose conclusive statements for IELTS composing . Consequently, it’s important which you discover appropriate points of benefits and drawbacks correspondingly after reading issue.

Example Matter:

Below is a good example concern which you yourself can refer and learn more about this area effortlessly.

Nowadays, with all the development of technology, individuals can anywhere work and live they desire.

Discuss its benefits and drawbacks.

Using this types of essay, you’ve got two points to be discussed:1. Features of working and residing anywhere.2. Drawbacks of living and working anywhere.

You need to talk about both of those by providing reasons and help them with examples.If that you don’t talk about some of the above two points when you look at the essay, you certainly will lose markings.So, in this sort of essay, you need to explain both the points.

Just how to design IELTS Composing?

You will find 3 kinds of benefits and drawbacks concerns that want different approach to resolve them.

Essay Type 1:

Nowadays, utilizing the development of technology and transportation facilities, individuals can anywhere work and live they need.

Discuss its benefits and drawbacks:

This sort of concern calls for one to explain the benefits within one paragraph while disadvantages within the other paragraph. You ought not point out your individual opinion in this question.

The structure that is best you should use with this form of essay is:

Paraphrase the QuestionOutline the phrase

  • Body Paragraph 1(Advantages)Topic associated with the phrase (Advantage 1)

Explain exactly exactly how it really is an advantageWrite an example

Topic regarding the phrase (Disadvantage1)Explain how it’s a disadvantageWrite an example


Write summary for the primary pointsFour paragraphs are adequate to spell out your viewpoint. You might use every other framework you may be confident with but this framework is authorized by the IELTS examiners for IELTS composing to aid the students compose in a highly effective and cohesive way.

Essay Type 2:

Nowadays, aided by the customwritings development of technology, individuals can work and live anywhere they desire.

Perform some advantages for this advancement outweigh its drawbacks?

This sort of question calls for you to definitely explain advantages in one single paragraph while drawbacks within the other paragraph, you want to explain which of this two, benefits or drawbacks, is more powerful than one other. You shouldn’t mention your opinion that is personal in concern for IELTS Writing .

a. Paragraph 1- Introduction

Paraphrase the QuestionWrite thesis statement (what type outweighs one other)Outline the sentence

b. Paragraph 2- Body Paragraph 1 (Strong part)

-Topic of the sentenceExplain exactly just how it’s a sidewrite that is strong exampleTopic associated with sentenceExplain exactly exactly how it really is a strong sideWrite a good example

c. Paragraph 2- Body Paragraph 1 (Weaker part)

Topic regarding the sentenceExplain exactly exactly exactly how it is really not a sidewrite that is strong instance

d. Paragraph 4- Conclusion

Write summary regarding the details and restate the career.

Essay Type 3:

Nowadays, with all the development of technology and transport facilities, individuals can work and live anywhere they need.

Talk about the pros and cons.

Offer your personal type that is opinion.This of calls for you to definitely explain the benefits within one paragraph while drawbacks into the other paragraph. Also, you ought to point out your opinion that is personal also this concern.

a. Paragraph 1- Introduction for IELTS Writing

Paraphrase the QuestionWrite thesis statement (Your viewpoint)Outline the sentence


Topic regarding the sentenceExplain just how it really is an advantageWrite an example


Topic associated with phrase (Disadvantage1)Explain how it really is a disadvantageWrite an example

Body Paragraph 2 (Drawbacks)

Explain your opinionExplain or provide instance


Sentence 1- Write summary associated with the points that are main

Vocabulary and expressions for IELTS Writing:

Helpful language for joining ideas that are supportive

  • In addition
  • Furthermore
  • What exactly is more
  • Additionally
  • Besides this

Helpful language for joining opposing tips

  • Nonetheless
  • Having said that
  • In comparison
  • However

Test Matter for IELTS Writing :

You really need to invest about 40 mins with this task.Write in regards to the topic that is following

Nowadays, utilizing the development of technology, individuals can work and live anywhere they need.

Do its benefits outweigh drawbacks?

Provide known reasons for your answer and include any appropriate examples from your own knowledge or experience.Write at least 250 terms.

Test Answer for IELTS Writing:

Within the last few years, this has become possible to commute and operate in some other part of the globe as a result of transportation that is convenient supplied by the present day technical techniques. Features of this advancement are comparatively more as set alongside the disadvantages.To embark upon, there are many benefits of technical advancements. By going to other countries, individuals obtain the possibility to check out places that are new uncover the other areas worldwide. As an example, individuals travelling from East to your part that is western of globe will come to learn different areas of culture, tradition, values, language and so many more. This might improve their experience and knowledge when fulfilling brand new individuals.In addition to the, it can additionally gain one other countries when it comes to fulfilling the shortage of skilled professionals. If you have a requirement of experts with certain abilities in a national nation, it could employ skilled and experienced specialists off their nation. As an example, medical researchers such as for example health practitioners and nurses in many cases are relocating to many other nations for fulfilling the ability shortage in those nations.On one other hand, one of many drawbacks of modern way of interaction and technology is the fact that this has widened the length between family members relationships. If somebody has travelled not even close to their house, it is really not easy for him to satisfy their family unit members in person. Because of this reason, he is able to only speak with them software that is using as Skype via video clip calling or through phone.It are argued that though you will find drawbacks of working and staying in other nations nevertheless the benefits outweigh the drawbacks because this advantages both the one who is going plus the nation that is employing see your face.(287 terms)


Write an essay 250 terms in the after topics. Make use of the language and expressions mentioned previously.1. Relating to some individuals, it might be better if industries are created in regions beyond your area that is urban. Discuss its benefits and drawbacks.2. Older people are nowadays being sent to old aged domiciles instead of being cared for by household in houses. Perform some advantages of old aged domiciles outweigh the drawbacks?3. Some individuals genuinely believe that e-books are far better to be properly used for education so that you can get paperless. Discuss its pros and cons. Offer yours viewpoint.